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Shauna Marie Murphy

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"There was a star that danced, and under that was I born." -W. Shakespeare

Shauna Murphy was born on December 22, 1988 – a special gift arriving just two days after her Mother’s birthday. From the beginning, Shauna was vivacious, caring, and kind hearted, always giving those around her a reason to smile. For those of you who never had the blessing of knowing her, let me introduce you to Shauna Murphy…

Shauna attended Algonquin Regional High School, where she was a talented gymnast, manager of the Boy’s Varsity Soccer Team, and had previously been a member of the Track & Field Team and Jr. Varsity Girl’s Soccer Team. She loved to snowboard. In addition to her athletic endeavors, Shauna was a member of the National Honor Society, a longtime Girl Scout, and an active participant in community service projects. She was the epitome of altruistic and was the first to offer to share her clothes, her car, a helping hand or a word of advice to those who needed help.

Shauna had all the characteristics of classic beauty – tall, blonde, slender and always glowing with happiness. Those who knew were well never figured out how she maintained her tiny frame with a loathing for running and her consistent diet of sprinkles (eaten by the spoonful) butter (spread heavily on just about everything) penny candy (as she proclaimed herself the only reason Gloucester’s Penny Candy store was still in business!) and chocolate chip pancakes.

Shauna Murphy was strong willed and competitive, and believed "the funny thing about life, if you refuse to settle for anything but the best, that’s usually what you get" (as quoted in her instant messenger profile.) Perhaps what defined her best was that at 17 she had already discerned that life could be enjoyed best with the philosophy "work hard, play hard." Although oftentimes scooping ice cream at the Gloucester Friendly’s meant missing a day on the beach, Shauna was the last to complain, and never called in, because she knew that it was her responsibility to work and save money for the future. Of course, as soon as her shift ended, she would be back at the beach – even if it was only to catch the last 20 minutes of sunshine.

Like the rest of her family, Shauna lived for long summer days on Gloucester’s Wingaersheek Beach, and summer evenings spent sitting around a bonfire listening to the waves crash. Her love for the ocean and the beach was represented by the Starfish necklace which she received for her 16th birthday, and was never taken off her neck. She was equally as happy spending her summer afternoons lying still on her blanket as she was diving into the waves. Likewise, she appreciated the virtues of strolling the beach in conversation with her friends as much as she did joining her brother Jeff for an intensely competitive game of beach volleyball. Shauna knew how to enjoy every moment – even her cell phone screen, instead of saying her name, had a banner which stated – and we should all remember - "Life is Good."