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Meghan Christine Murphy

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"When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight."  -Kahlil Gibran

Since she was born on January 17, 1990, one can hardly remember an encounter with Meghan Murphy that she did not have a smile on her face. Although just shy of her 16th birthday when she died, Meghan had a lasting impression on everyone she met. She was the epitome of kindhearted, and rarely passed a friend or acquaintance without issuing a cheerful "hello!"

Meghan was a sophomore at Algonquin Regional High School, an avid soccer, basketball and lacrosse player, and was named captain of the lacrosse team her freshman year and voted Most Valuable Player. As noted by her godfather, Uncle David Murphy, "Who would have thought that the quieter of the two girls could have turned into such a bulldog on the athletic field?" Like both of her older siblings, Meghan loved to snowboard, and looked forward to spending winter vacations with her family on the slopes.

Meghan had no problem achieving success in anything she put her mind to. She was a hard worker, and that was reflected in her consistent recognition as an Honor Roll Scholar. She regularly babysat for neighborhood families and friends on the beach in Gloucester, earning herself money to spend on new clothes (which would inevitably end up exchanged for items from her older sister’s closet) or to treat herself to her favorite snack – milk chocolate Lindt truffles.

In addition to being a talented athlete and dedicated student, Meghan was beginning to excel at more artistic endeavors. Her bedroom was filled with handcrafted pottery items – each one more brightly colored than the next and always indicative of her consistently cheerful disposition. Meghan was also becoming a talented photographer, and had created a variety of beautiful black and white prints in her photography class. Her favorite subjects remind us of exactly what was most important to Meghan; her family (judging by the many pictures of Shauna, her older brother Jeff, and their family pets), her friends (as we can see by the many happy moments captured on film), and of course, the beach. Her scenic Gloucester photographs will be treasured by her friends and family and will always serve to remind us of the happiness Meghan, along with the rest of her family, extracted from spending time at beach. Of course, unlike her parents and siblings, (and to the amusement of her friends at the beach) Meghan regularly chose Macaroni and Cheese over a lobster dinner!

Anyone who knew Meghan could attest to the fact that of all the people she knew and loved, she loved one person best – and that was her big sister Shauna. Rainy summer days were spent sitting on their living room floor, watching movies together and scrap booking. Before going out, it was not unusual to see Meghan sitting at Shauna’s feet painting her toenails, or Shauna standing behind her little sister straightening her curly blonde hair for her. Meghan also had a special place in the heart of her older brother, Jeff, and would often lament that their house was just too quiet – and not as much fun – when her beloved older brother was off at college.

Meghan’s legacy lies in her kindness and generosity, her loyalty to family and friends, and the gentle smile that she always wore on her face – her generous spirit will never be forgotten, nor will her kind, soft and loving personality.